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Spring Filled Mattresses 

We Currently Stock 7 types of Spring Filled Mattress

Price Guide -$$$$$$+


Princess Jen $$$$$

The mattress of choice for the person where savings is priority.

Thickness: 8"


Orthopedic  $$$$$

This mattress provides a firm all around feel maintaining spinal alignment. The heavy Gauge Border provides excellent support and maintains shape for many years of regular use.

Thickness: 9"


Restopedic $$$$$

The Restopedic Line of beds provide the balance between plush and firm. Offering additional back support for spinal alighnment and reinforced edges for sitting on edges of bed.

Thickness: 10"


Super Restopedic $$$$$

This mattress offers a plush consistent feel through its many layers. It avoids pressure points and allows air flow through its layers of foam padding. The Ventilators allow clean fresh air to circulate through the mattress core with every movement on the mattress. This prevents dust mites, bed bugs and other insects.



Outside Pillow Top Super Restopedic $$$$$

This mattress Offers a plush initial feel through the pillowtop which consist of the Multi quilt layer and Sheet of Convoluted 1” Supersoft Foam. The pillowtop layer ifs supported with .5” 23 Oz Foam and 1” of rebonded foam. This together with the Heavy Duty Spring unit, Spinal Support Bars and reinforced edges make up the firm long lasting core unique to Sleep Rite.


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