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Sleep Rite Barbados Ltd. is the leading supplier of Mattresses and Bedding Products in Barbados. Established in 2000, the initial focus of the company was to provide Barbadians with the best bedding products possible, hence the name "Sleep Rite".


In recent years, our manufacturing capabilities have expanded to include custom bedding for clients. Sleep Rite Barbados Ltd. is proud to be a leader and innovator in Bedding manufacturing Industry.

Shan Juman - Founder


Sleep Rite was founded in 2000. He brought his knowlege and  experience in the bedding industry with him. He has been producing bedding and Foam foam products Since 1969.



Tfphill Juman - 


He was introduced to the bedding industry from childhood and played an active role in the bedding industry from 2003. Currently managing Sleep Rite. He thrives to produce quality products. This is done by introducing modern technology, equipment, quality raw materials and production processes.

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